Why is there a logo covering all the photos?

Watermarks allow us to protect our photos from unauthorized use. The watermark will disappear from a photo once you purchase it.

Why is there a $0.99 charge for each photo?

This small charge helps offset the cost of production, equipment, and our incredible student photographers.

Why is there an additional $0.50 charge on my order?

SmugMug adds a $0.50 processing fee to orders of $10 and under.

Can I get a discount if I’m buying a lot of photos?

We are currently beta-testing this photo store. While a discount option is something we’d like to consider including in the future, we are not able to offer it at this time.

Can I order a physical, printed copy of my photos?

At present, only digital files are files are available for purchase. As we continue to test out the new photo store with your help, we may incorporate additional purchasing options in the future.

Why isn't my event featured?

We strive to cover as many events as possible, but we’re not able to photograph everything. However, we’re always updating the site, so continue to check back for new photos.

What if I have other questions, comments, or suggestions?

We'd love to hear them. Use the feedback link below to let us know what you think!

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